Thank you for visiting my website. I am a medical oncologist based in the North West of England with a large NHS practice based at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre on the Wirral peninsula. I see patients privately at the Clatterbridge Clinic based at the same hospital site.

My expertise is in the the medical management of cancer but I participate in several large multidisciplinary teams giving me access to the full complement of treatments available for cancer for NHS and privately insured patients. I am supported by a larger team of professionals at Clatterbridge including specialist nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychological medicine and palliative care to provide as holistic a package of care as possible.

Cancers Managed

I specialise in the management of

  • Lung cancers
  • Kidney cancers
  • Unknown Primary Cancers – secondary cancers when the primary site is not known

Individualised care

The art of oncology is in understanding the particular needs and concerns of an individual and integrating this with the scientific knowledge of cancer medicine to formulate a personalised treatment plan. I also recognise that  patients will frequently benefit from skills of other members of the wider team. A full assessment requires review of all available imaging and pathological information. A full medical history will be taken and further discussion with other multi-disciplinary team members may also be necessary before embarking on a particular plan of treatment. I am heavily involved in medical research and I can also advise on currently available clinical trial options. Knowledge is a useful antidote to the many of the anxieties around a cancer diagnosis and I will provide as much information as possible to facilitate decision making.


Kidney Cancer

I can advise on all aspects of medical management of kidney cancer. Drug treatment options for advanced kidney cancer are increasing. I can offer all currently available licensed therapies including

  • sunitinib
  • sorafenib
  • pazopanib
  • axitinib
  • everolimus
  • bevacizumab
  • nivolumab

I also can advise on currently available clinical trials and have particular experience in the use of immunotherapies such as nivolumab and other agents (currently only available through clinical trials). For more information about kidney cancer I recommend the following sites

Lung Cancer

I can offer chemotherapy following curative surgery (adjuvant therapy) in addition to its use in advanced disease. There are numerous new drug therapies for lung cancer including immunotherapy which now has a proven role in the treatment of advanced disease.

Therapies offered in addition to cytotoxic

  • gefitinib
  • erlotinib
  • afatinib
  • crizotinib
  • osimertinib
  • nivolumab
  • nintedanib

I can also advise on a range of novel therapies available through clinical trials. For information on lung cancer I recommend the following sites

Unknown Primary Cancers

This group of cancers are little known about and rarely make headline news. They are surprisingly common and being told that the primary is not known adds further to the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis. I chair the Mersey specialist ‘cancer of unknown primary’ multidisciplinary team meeting and have presented at national conferences on this type of cancer. I can discuss the role of additional investigations including genetic profiling to elucidate a primary diagnosis and through the specialist MDT can offer the best available treatment if the cancer remains a truly unknown primary. For information on unknown primary cancers I recommend the following sites: